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Anonymous Asked:
Yes every character has been through hell but she has had it the worst. She watched her mother die, her father get his head chopped off, both of her boyfriends died, she watched Patricia get torn apart and lost Otis too. She was separated from Maggie, her last family, and is now in a new cruel place. She's been through worse than most of the people on the show.

My answer:


don’t even test me

every. single. person. has. been. through. hell

no one has had it worse than anyone else

well done, you made a list of bad things that happened to her, so what? you think she’s the only one who watched her father get his head chopped off? you think she’s the only one who’s had a loved one die? you think she’s the only one who was separated from family?

what about carol? she lost her little girl, and found her as a walker in a barn, what about carl? he shot his own mother so she didn’t turn, what about rick? he’s lost his wife, and he thinks he’s lost his baby daughter, what about maggie? who also saw her father’s head chopped off, what about andrea? she had to put down her own sister, come through wanting to kill herself and she was separated from the group, and for a while had to fend for herself an not only that, but she ended up dying for trusting the wrong person? what about daryl? who lost his brother for 2 seasons and had to put down him down when they were reunited, what about michonne? who’s son died? what about tyreese? who fell in love and lost the person he loved, what about bob? who has watched others around him die over and over again

every character has had SO many bad things happen to them, no one, and i repeat, no one, has had it the worst

Norman Reedus takes a photo of an interviewer.

Yes! That’s what he’s done! That’s what he’s done every time!


When you see Norman’s ass…

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Norman Reedus plays paparazzi while greeting fans.




imageimageimageimageimageimage x

don´t you lie Norman, we know you loved it


finger lickin´ good 


oh scud .. 


thinking about the man who gave him the box

imageimageimageimageimageimage x

dean loves them too 


ps Norman: we want to see Seans .. polaroid .. 

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